School of Fashion Designing is providing a well-equipped workshop to impart practical training to students in basic Fashion Tools.



The classroom size of each class room in college is 30 sq mts. All rooms are well lit and ventilated, and kept at a comfortable working temperature. Each class rooms are fitted with LCD projector.


Training Methods

Training includes the use fashion brushes, swatches, garment sketches, and apparel embellishments, RGB Colour Palette, and Excel tech pack templates allow apparel designers to make the most of fashion. Students are also given exposure to software programs which are commonly used in fashion industry such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, CAD and Microsoft Excel etc. A reasonable balance between the different training methods is maintained.



Fashion Design Tools to help fashion designers save time and increase productivity when completing time-consuming fashion industry project. Practical training is an essential part of any fashion designing course. The institute has a modern fashion designing tools to impart practical training to students. The other laboratories include sewing machine lab, cutting lab, sketching lab and computer lab. These labs are equipped with all required training aids and other equipment required for practical demonstration and training.


Sewing Machine Lab

Sewing machine Lab is well-equipped with the manual and automatic machine. The lab is equipped with the world‘s best brand of industry-grade stitching and special machinery. Systems for routine and regular maintenance of the machinery constitute a vital part of the learning activity.


Cutting and Sketching Lab

In this lab, the student learns how she/he can independently create patterns for different kinds of garments in common use. It provides the students with hands on experience while nurturing their creativity for fashion designing. A bevy of beautiful mannequins and dress forms provide physical form and shape to the creations.


Computer Lab

This is where the student unleashes her/his creativity and innovation to entirety by utilizing world-class apparel software like CAD. Computer lab is conducted under the supervision of an instructor who is having the knowledge, ability and experience of the various software based programs.