School of Fashion Designing, open the door of plentiful fashion career opportunities. As a Senior Instructor, my vision is to our students learning from the best, with the latest technology at their fingertips. Students are also introduced to various historic fashion and art movement as reference and to put into perspective how they influence contemporary fashion. Our dynamic lives demand that we be ready to put our best foot forward in every role that we are required to play. It is a complete course, touching all major area of design, art and craft, cultural in respect to current fashion. We are fully aware that the fashion system is subject to continuous change and therefore is committed to constantly review, redefine and improve the courses, faculty and service for student and companies.


SOFD has a team of professors with a solid background and experience in the fashion industry, a team focus on providing student with an updated education, always in line with the fast changing fashion business. Our faculty is expert in the different fields of fashion design, branding, communication, trends pattern design as well as research in fashion. The design lab, Scandisk gives an extra flavour to the didactic activities; the laboratories have modern didactic classroom, automatic sewing machine and technical lab.


Fashion as a culture and creative force is highly competent in communicating change. Changes that explore the unknown that drives a difference; that unravels the pulsating quest for what’s next. Design is a journey of discovery. It’s sneak peek into your thinking. We fulfil your dreams; follow your path, your thought without fear and judgment. If you don’t want to follow the norm blindly and enrol the big names join ‘’School Of Fashion Design’’. If you are creative, we sure have something in common.


I welcome you to School of Fashion Designing, the ocean of opportunities.


Komal Kaur